Order Your Organic Veggies & Help The Frmers Of Madhya Pradesh ?

posted on 11th Jul 2014

It has been our intent at the Yogahouse to keep promoting health conscious lifestyle and in a effort in the same direction, we are now linking you with the organic farmers in Madhya Pradesh P. We have already introduced organic honey, potato, jaggery, onion, garlic and launki (gourd) as ingredients in our Menu and will continue to increase the percentage of organic content in the dishes that we serve.We are now also making available this organic produce for you. to begin with our endeavour is to maximize the organic content in your food and towards that we are making available the following  within a few weeks.

  1. Potato, Onion, Garlic  : Since these grow  under the earth and absorb water, these have a very high fertilizer and pesticide content as the same is absorbed through water, we feel these ingredients should be the first few to be replaced with organic ones and they will cut down significant amount of inorganic intake 
  2. Lauki ( Gourd), Gilki ( Turai), Pumpkin : these vegetables are less perishable and have a lot of health benefits 
  3. Haldi ( Turmeric ) and Red Chilly : It has been researched and  proven that these ingredients are most prone to colour agent contamination 
  4. Organic Jaggery and Honey : natural sweeteners , again sourced from authentic organic producer

We will add more items in organic as we add more and more farmers on the supply side .To consume organic products and promote farmers will encourage more farmers to go organic , it will be our small but definite commitment to saving the planet.

How to Get our Organic Veggies :

With a 1000 Rs Advance Payment, you can become the member of Yoganic Community and you will be informed through mail and Whatsapp the availability of the products. Once  you confirm what you want, the same will be kept ready for you at the Yogahouse and the amount will be debited from your advance.

We will migrate this process to a mobile app in a few months and then a different system of tracking your purchases and payments will be put in place.

If you are interested in the organic produce, please leave your e mail here. 

We look forward to your going organic with us.

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