Achal Mehra

Expertise in Hatha Vinyasa , Hatha

Achal is practising Yoga for last 30 years. Beginning in his teens, he took a Teacher’s Certification from Yogalife ( RYT 200). In personal & teaching practice, he sticks close to the Patanjali Path ” Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodham”, stilling the consciousness through the practice of Asana, Pranayam and Lifestyle.His class focuses on breathing, awareness, acceptance and own body intelligence techniques to deepen the postures and experience meditation through them. Having been a part of modern corporate life, he brings solutions to handling stress in day to day living.

Class definition:

“Yog Citta Vritti Nirodham”, we explore the most fundamental definition of Yog in the all levels class of Hatha. The psychosomatic oneness , that the body and mind are two dimensions of the same reality, we use body, breath and the self awareness in these sessions to achieve stillness of mind. The structure of the class contains centering, stretching, warming up, balancing, backward, bends, forward bends and savasana, in that sequence 

Hatha – intermediate
“Tad Drashta Svarupe Avasthanam” and then the seer abides in its own glory, in these sessions we aim at getting a taste of the “Drashta”, the witness within us . Adding elements of flow to warm up and detox the restlessness of body, we move into postures with deep silence, exploring the witnessing self within . The class focuses on moving deeper into some postures, holding them long to experience the deep sense of stillness and calm, which leads to awakening of the seer within, apart from the benefits to the body

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