Sudhir B Dhrangdharia

Expertise in Hatha Vinyasa , Hatha

Sudhirs journey started in 1992 with Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate (which he practiced for 16 years continuously & was a State Gold & National Bronze Medalist and trained nearly 3000 people of all age & background in Mumbai & outside) where Yoga Postures were regularly practiced as warm up before beginning the Karate sessions. 

 In the year 2000 he hurt his left knee and wrist very fatally and was advised to go for a surgery, but his decision was to go for Yoga.  That decision indeed proved immensely helpful and within a few months he had completely saved himself from surgery. He owes this to his  yoga  practice and the blessings of all the Masters.  This motivated him to go into deeper aspects of yoga and hence led him to gain knowledge from varied sources. Sivananda Yoga, Kerala (where he spent nearly a year), Mumbai University, The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, (where I was faculty for 1 Month TTC) and Iyengar Yoga for 1 1/2 year from Amrish Sir, Juhu are some of his major influences. 


Class Definition

While sharing Yoga Sudhir likes to emphasize, assist & motivate friends towards a healthy lifestyle by I focusing on the traditional aspects of Yoga which includes asanas with breathe co-ordination in a meditative frame of mind. He focuses on pranayama, strength, flexibility & relaxation and imparts understandings from the ancient Indian texts & personal experiences. 



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