Vandana Yadav

Expertise in Ashtanga Vinyasa

For Vandana, yoga was a calling. She was a cabin crew for 9 years living abroad, when healthand emotional setbacks brought her to yoga. She gave up her normal life and immersedherself in the sadhana of self exploration and the beautiful journey with yoga. She has had the privilege of connecting with yogis who have parted their experiences and knowledge with her enabling her to personalize her practice. Yoga to her is not a journey anymore, it’s the essence of her life. The practice has connected her to stillness, the breath has connected her to her own my presence and her meditation to a sense of non-existence.


Class Definition:

Vandana teaches the primary series from the Ashtanga vinyasa practice in a led fashion. He classes use movement to still the mind eventually. She believes that her classes tell a story ..ofturmoil, of giving and embracing  and of Life. She believes that every emotion results in an action and the movement through yoga postures can bring students to observe the conversations of the mind. As this inner chatter gets louder, the action of flowing through postures and breath can bring one to the point of complete surrender and to silence. Stillness and static postures help one appreciate the movements and the pauses that our practice and lives throw at us - sthiram sukham asanam



In the Infinity of life where I am. All is Perfect,Whole and Complete.



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